The Development of Ismail Clamp

a) Dr. Ismail Md Salleh the Inventor of Ismail Clamp conducted medical research, which inspired him to design a sophisticated clamp mainly to ease the circumcision surgery process. For the prototype, he ordered the samples of the material from Belgium and which was tested several times for product durability. His research also take into consideration other methods of circumcision such as Cautery and other product competitors such as Smart Clamp, Plastibell, Sunathrone Clamp and so forth.

b) Dr. Ismail ran his own clinic known as Klinik Suria for over 25 years in Johor Bahru, Johor. Throughout his life, he helped a lot in giving affordable and best medical treatment to the local community. Unfortunately, Dr. Ismail passed away on 7th October 2013 due to a rare nerve disease.

c) Ismail Clamp is now patented in Malaysia and had obtained the Copyright to enter Indonesian market. In addition, we want to capture increasing percentage in Malaysian market before venture to local Indonesian company in future undertaking.